Building Trust And Walking-the-Walk

SCS was founded on the beliefs that Information Technology strategies and solutions should be carefully scrutinized, routinely evaluated, and should never be a mystery to management. We believe that the foundational elements of business and technical strategies should be architected by professionals who have the experience and expertise to respond to new and existing threats and opportunities. We employ a holistic approach whereby, SCS not only meets the current needs of our clients; but we also explore avenues that prepare clients for the future.

Focused on Goals

By focusing on your current needs and your strategic goals, we can provide network and software solutions uniquely customized for your business.

Never Over Specified

We remove all incentive to sell unnecessary or over-specified products by giving our clients wholesale pricing on hardware and licensing fees.

We Deliver

We are trusted by Federal agencies, clients in the medical, financial and manufacturing industries, and even clients within the IT industry, to solve the problems that have their in-house IT teams stumped. We are equally trusted by our smaller clients who depend on us to be their entire IT team.

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