don't let the tail wag the dog

no compromises!


Do you compromise your business processes and reports to conform to the capabilities of off-the-shelf software? That's the tail wagging the dog. Stop compromising. SCS creates software that integrates with your business processes and produces the reports your business needs.

SCS has provided MISSCO with custom programming solutions that have reduced our operating costs by dramatically boosting employee productivity.


Mark Sorgenfrei, CEO, MISSCO Corporation



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Multiple Languages

Our team of tenured developers has experience in dozens of current and legacy programming languages – VB, C#, and ASP.NET to name a few. We are particularly skilled at upgrading and migrating legacy systems to modern day solutions.

Multiple Technologies

Our development team calls on their immense knowledge and experience in dozens of languages and technologies to select the right technology solution for you. We also support, extend, and upgrade a wide variety of environments and solutions.

Custom Reporting

Many of our customers run reporting technologies that ALMOST meet their needs. SCS extends these “almost” solutions by adding customized reporting capabilities, such as data cube analysis and the ability to run ad-hoc reports.

Database Development

Your applications can get sluggish over time. Administration strategies and index management must be reviewed regularly to ensure database health, reliability and performance.

SCS will help you maintain healthy databases while ensuring you receive optimum performance. SCS is one of very few technology companies that offer forensic database recovery services if you have already experienced a database failure.

Data Warehousing

In addition to historical record retention, SCS will help you to provide trending analysis and predictive modeling for your business planning strategies to give your company the edge over your competition and inform your managers and sales. This type of business intelligence has proven to be the cornerstone of customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention across multiple industries and markets.