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secure, cost-effective and scalable

Imagine if you could forget about technology planning and focus on bringing to reality your company vision – if you had confidence that your people had the tools to do their jobs with maximum efficiency. That's what you get with a full-service technology advisor from SCS.


All Networks
are Not Created Equal

Reliability, longevity and overall quality vary very significantly among suppliers. We partner with industry leaders to bring you only top quality equipment.

We choose Microsoft SQL server over other options because of their superior scalability, reliability, and incorruptibility.

We are an official DELL/EMC GOLD Partner, a Microsoft Partner, a CISCO Partner, and have ongoing relationships with many other suppliers and pass on our wholesaler discounts to you.

SCS’s knowledge of system integration is exceptionally keen, specifically as it relates to ensuring the final product they provided met the needs of multiple state regulators and the company’s continued support post system release is reliable and expedient.


Susan Largman, Director, Broker-Dealer and Agent Registration Unit, New Jersey Bureau of Securities, Office of the New Jersey Attorney General




SCS delivers the right sized virtualization configurations for your business.

Hyper Convergence

An expertly designed hyper-converged network can save medium sized networks an enormous amount of time and money.

Cloud Services

You can have the enhanced security on an on-premise network without the headaches of supporting! SCS specializes in private cloud hosting and software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosting models. We will design, build, migrate, and host your network so you don't have to.

Network Architecture

From single-site small office networks to geographically dispersed multi-data center infrastructures, SCS has a track record of successfully seeing projects from initial design to full implementation.

Every SCS designed network is conceived from ground up with redundancy and fault tolerance baked-in while also tuning all hardware and software platforms to reduce exploits via our “zero surface configurations.”

Systems Security

Keep the bad-guys out and your data safe with layered defense systems. We build intelligent integrated security systems that actively protect, monitor and alert you to threats in real time, and then stop them dead in the kill chain.

Network Maintenance

Well maintained infrastructure provides both peace of mind and cost savings. SCS offers maintenance plans for recurring service to manage your maintenance and change control process.

Auditing and Compliancy

Our security experts and channel solution providers will help you to meet and exceed your FDIC, SOC, and PCI compliancy requirements by developing proper policies and security systems controls.

Email Services

Let us use our real-world experience to guide you through maintenance, upgrade, enhancement or outsourcing of your corporate email. We will provide advanced technical support if you are looking to fortify your existing email environment, or we will provide email hosting services if you prefer a plug-and-play solution.