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we Maximize Your technology ROI

Expertize during planning and development will determine your project's success or failure – and whether your project provides a positive return on investment and is scalable as your business grows.

Our Consultants and Project Managers will guide you from initial idea to final completion with unbiased advice and unrivaled knowledge. We speak both English and Geek so we can communicate your prerequisites, requirements and deliverables to your technical vendors. SCS will be your technical voice and a sanity check to ensure that your proposed solution will integrate into your business's infrastructure and data stores.

 Project leader Coy Gauthier
is insightful, thorough and
very customer focused


Susan Largman, Director, Broker-Dealer and Agent Registration Unit,
New Jersey Bureau of Securities, Office of the New Jersey Attorney General.



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Strategic Business Planning

With our Strategy First mindset we focus on when, where and how to apply technology to maximize your return on investment. We provide you actionable advice by identifying latent opportunities, and leveraging process automation to reduce internal errors and costs.

Vendor Management

We select our technology partners based on performance, capability, and ultimately the product effectiveness in real-world environments. SCS won’t “pay-to-play” with our vendors; we pick products and services from vendors who will provide the maximum benefit to our customers.

resource allocation

The SCS project management team ensures that the right resources are allocated to the right projects at the right time. All of our teams – Project Management, Network Engineering and Software Development – have immediate access to one another through tightly integrated communication channels and strong working relationships.

customer order management

SCS has project managers who will stay with you throughout the product procurement process including renewal reminders of annual contracts, maintenance agreements and warranties.

Disaster Avoidance Planning

Avoid the need for our Disaster Recovery services with Disaster Avoidance Planning. SCS helps you build a disaster resilient infrastructure that meets industry standards and compliance requirements on data retention.

Disaster Recovery

We hope you never have need to execute a disaster recovery plan, but if you do, SCS can get your business back on its feet. We provide you options and status reports throughout your recovery process to ensure the best results with the least possible downtime.