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Since 2003, SCS continues to be Mississippi's best resource for the provisioning and building of information technology solutions that meet growing business demands. Our dynamic teams and our ability to work with your business holistically allows SCS to help make the most of your technology budget and time. From customized solutions and durable products to comprehensive consultative services and dependable support, we're here to help you grow.

What we do

Discover The Problem

Our Engineers work hand-in-hand with you, to discover the needs of your business. That need can range from a customized database report to a newly designed secure network.

Design The Answer

SCS provides access to a team of Network Engineers, Software Engineers and Systems Architects, who will determine the actual physical or virtual needs and requirements of your network, or build a new customized software product to fill a business need.

Deliver The Solution

Once an answer is decided upon, we will build your new system from the ground up. Using the latest technologies, with focuses on virtualized servers and the Microsoft family of products, we will build and deliver the solution to your needs.

We are

SCS can be your technology partner to help make those visions an efficient and obtainable reality. Through strong communication skills, deep knowledge base of current and legacy technologies, SCS has the skills, vigor and tenacity to see your project (big and small) through to a successful completion. We believe strongly in being the very best at what you do. Your successful business runs because of your strategies and vision contributions; and SCS is your technology partner to help make those visions an efficient and obtainable reality.

Our Services

Network Architecture

Demanding business applications require more performance and resources. We are committed to bringing to you end-to-end solutions that increase efficiencies, reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) and improve business productivity

Software Design

Customized software is created to bring business intelligence to your organization. Businesses who collect, protect and use their valuable data are the businesses that succeed and profit.


Virtualization can increase IT agility, flexibility, and scalability while creating significant cost savings. Using our expertise in VMWare virtualization systems, we can build you the size of virtual network you need to mazimize those benefits.

Systems Security

We design and build end-to-end security solutions to detect and remediate threats to your business, and its network and data. This helps us perform tasks ranging from anti-virus management to real-time active monitoring of your network.

Custom Reporting

Whether it is a brand new report, or a modification of a report for an existing product, we can provide you the view into your data that you need.

IT Provisioning

SCS is your resource to bring a project to a successful completion. We work with our vendors to provide you the best ROI on your IT Solutions.


Proper maintenance and regular health checks on a SQL server database can be the difference between life and death of the data on the server. And data is the life-or-death of a business.

Network Maintenance

Don't have an IT Department? We can perform the routine maintenance that all networks need to stay healthy, and keep you aware of possible issues with your network.

Contact Us

Contact Us

The first step to solving your Information Technology issues, needs or problems is to contact us and schedule a meeting with one of our experienced engineers.


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629 Lakeland East Drive
Suite G
Flowood, MS 39232

Phone: 601.939.7533

FAX: 601.896.0094